Sailing- or Motoryacht/Segel- oder Motoryacht: MY
Name of the Boat/Schiffsname: Mythos
Constructor/Produzent-Werft: Windy Boats AS
Model/Type: 37 Grand Mistral
Length/Laenge in m: 10,92
Beam/Breite in m: 3,45
Draft/Tiefgang in m: 0,95
Built/Baujahr: 1999
Description/Beschreibung/Extras: High Quality, nearly as new
Staterooms/Kabinen: 2
Hull/Rumpfmaterial: GRP
Flag/Flagge: GERMAN
Engine/Type: Yanmar
HP/PS/KW:2x 220,54 KW
EngineBuilt/Motorbaujahr: 1999
Vatpaid/notpaid: Vatpaid
Type/Marke: LodeStar
Outboard/Aussenborder: Mercury 3,5 hp
Length/Länge: 250
Price/Preis in Euro: 119500


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